Lower Antelope Canyon - Page, Arizona - 2016

Lower Antelope Canyon - Page, Arizona - 2016

I have been a professional commercial photographer for the past 10 years, with a documentary and photojournalistic inclination. Being able to find beauty and interest in almost all subject matter has allowed me to cover a vast array different subject matters: telling of the everyday life of rural cacao farmer in Ghana, the beauty and variety of the natural environment of South East Asia or the determination and drive to succeed as a cattle rancher in drought stricken Central California. Ultimately though, what I love is the opportunity to tell great stories through the visual medium.

Being a naturally inquisitive person, I not only attempt to capture moments but to present these images as an informative and enlightening asset for the client to use. I believe that in order to convey a client’s story, true purpose or emotion to an audience, the best results often come from not only slowing down but by putting in the effort and time to embed oneself in the story and culture of the story as much as possible. Often, this means long days in rough conditions…a 12 hour minibus ride into the jungle, inclement weather, suspect regional political stability, or uncooperative animals. But as with most things in life, the harder the situation is, the more genuine and captivating the visual imagery and story ends up being.

I’m based in Boston, Massachusetts, but often enough I find myself on the road searching for new stories to be told and images to be captured.

Feel free to email me anytime with inquires. I’m always interested in new projects, collaborations and good conversations.


Kevin Ellison